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Envelope gaskets are engineered specifically for glass-lined equipment. They are soft, conformable gaskets which effect a seal at low bolt load. They are designed to handle solvents and corrosives in the chemical field and are also widely used in food processing and other lines where contamination must be avoided.

Three types of pure envelopes are available Type "M" (Milled) gaskets have envelopes machined from virgin PTFE tube or rod stock. Type "S", also referred to as the slit type, is the most popular of the envelope types. Type "S" envelopes are machined or sliced from virgin PTFE stock and are available in a wide range of sizes. Type "M" envelopes, also referred to as the milled, square-shoulder or full flow type, are furnished for gaskets when unrestricted flow is required. They are machined from virgin stock with a square shoulder on the I. D.. The space between the leaves of the envelope is determined by the thickness of the filler.

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